Bossong technology

Over the last recent years a greater and greater attention to the existing building heritage and to the activities aimed to the preservation of both buildings with high architectural value and those belonging to the category of traditional buildings has been developed.
Among the restoring interventions of existing buildings there are often strengthening works, in which one provides the embedment of metal anchors into masonry or wood: stitching of cracks, bonding between reinforcement metal anchors and the existing structures, tie-rod or reinforcement ring put to contain the action of pushing elements such as arches and vaults, connection between floor slabs and outside masonry walls, embedding of anchorages inside the walls in order to increase their resistance and the global behaviour of structures also for seismic upgrading.
Modern researches, materials and operating technics permitted to develop a special technology that, remembering the functioning of traditional strengthening systems, guarantees the best results from technical point of view, complying with the existent and with the constructive logic of the building.

The system is composed by a strong element , a high strength stainless steel bar -AISI 304 or AISI 316- (ft nom 750 N/mm- fy nom 650 N/mm2 ), with full thread along the entire length. It is provided of a sock with the function of controlling the coaxially carried injection of the grout. These two elements, together with the grout, are fundamental to make integral the reinforcing element to the masonry.
Besides allowing good injection operations, avoiding unexpected and often damaging spread of grout in voids and cavity that can be present in the existing walls, the sock guarantees the adherence of the injected material to the substrate throughout its entire length and a homogeneous distribution of stress thanks to both the adherence of injected material and the mechanical interlock that the injected grout develops with masonry.
The line of anchors for controlled injection is complete with a range of accessories in AISI 316 stainless steel, couplers, turnbuckles, nuts, to fulfil the different needs of each project; Bossong can provide un-tensioned steel reinforcements, pre-stressed tendons, vertical anchors and anchors with every degree of tilt.