TOB Brass Bossong anchors threaded inside

RBN. Bossong anchor with nylon sleeve for applications in solid or semi-hollow base material. Suitable for medium load.

TDC. For heavy fastenings, this Bossong anchor consists of a taper, expansion bush, spacer tube, washer and threaded bar with cap nut. Ideal fastening where the item must be positioned, drilled and fastened without being moved. Ideal for concrete and natural stone resistant to compression. Aesthetic solution for barriers, handrails and stairs. Hexagonal head.

TO-B. Non-slip knurling. Brass Bossong anchor with metric threading from 4 to 12 mm. Knurled body to give a better grip on the wall of the hole, non-slip function on wood and concrete. Expansion by a screw that widens the four sections of the body. Ideal for fastening to limited thicknesses, reduced length. Brass anchors are highly recommended for fastening in humid conditions and on materials that conduct electricity.