Bossong BCF-PU Foam

BCF 750 is the range of one-component polyurethane foams BOSSONG. The foams react with moisture which causes the hardening. The BOSSONG 750 BCF foams are suitable for all building materials. Not suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene, teflon, silicone, oils and fats, separation or similar products. HCFC-CFC free. Classification A+ according to French VOC law. The foam must be protected from UV radiation after the application. Excellent values ​​of thermal insulation and soundproofing. The products are available in the manual version (MAN) or automatic (AUT).

Dosing guns for version AUT: BOSS BOSS 750 A and BOSS 750 EC.

The fresh foam residues can be removed with a special BCF SOLVENT.

The product range consists of:

Foams multipurpose dedicated to filling: BCF 750 B3 AUT, BCF 750 B3 AUT and BCF 750 B2 MAN.

Foams for specific application on roof and tiles, controlled expansion: BCF 750 TC B2 AUT and BCF 750 TC MAN.

Foams certified for thermal and acoustic insulation, ideal for doors and windows: BCF 750 TA B2 AUT.

Foams certified for bonding insulation panels, tested according to ETAG 004-TR046: BCF 750 IS B1 AUT.

Foams certified for fire resistance, EI 180: BCF 750 FIRE MAN