Bossong heavy-duty bi-component epoxy-acrylate styrene-free resin for use in different base materials as concrete, solid masonry, hollow bricks masonry and wood.
Due to the absence of styrene (no strong smell) the use is possible also in closed places.
ETA-15/0708 Option 7 from M8 to M16 for non-cracked concrete. It is certified for fixing with variable anchorage depths.
This means that the project engineer has with this product a considerable flexibility in the design phase.
Rebar diameter from 8 mm to 16 mm.
Possibility of using the product in dry and wet concrete.
Certified service temperatures are in the ranges:
-40°C/+40°C (T° max long period = 24°C)
-40°C/+50°C (T° max long period = 40°C)

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